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Care After Combat are a UK Based Charity providing professional assistance for the well being of the veteran and their family.


The Charity provides professional assistance and advice for those feeling vunerable or at unrest with society

Simon is the Patron of The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF). This was the first UK based charity for Falklands Veterans and their immediate families and is committed to providing a network of support and direction for those in need. The FVF works in partnership with all other Service Charities and organisations providing assistance for Falklands Veterans and their families.

Changing Faces are a charity for people and families whose lives are affected by conditions, marks or scars that alter their appearance.


They aim to help individuals lead full and satisfying lives. They give practical and emotional support to adults, children and their families. They also provide training, support and advice to professionals in health and education.


A specialist urban search and rescue team responding to natural and man made disasters all over the world using specialist skills and equipment. Our mission is "United To Save Life" and this ethos applies to every action of our volunteer specialists. We are registered with the UN allowing us to operate as a search and rescue team under their co-ordination in times of international disaster. 


NACE, National Association for Able Children in Education is delighted that Simon Weston OBE has accepted our invitation to become a patron of NACE and NACE Cymru. NACE is the only dedicated, not for profit organisation specialising in supporting teachers to provide excellent teaching and learning for more able, gifted and talented pupils.  Rowena Gaston Chief Executive of NACE said “It was an honour and privilege to hear Simon speak at our conference for teachers in Wales.  His passion and commitment to helping young people to succeed and thrive is admirable and to quote one of our conference delegates… ‘every child in Wales should be given the opportunity to hear Simon speak.’”


Wenches in Trenches are a group of like minded women who do a sponsored walk one a year, usually in September somewhere on the Western Front. They aim to raise awareness and funds for military causes. Currently in Year 1 of a 4 Year project to get some permenant memorials to the Nurses and VAD`s of WW1. In previous years raised money for military causes such as parcels for tropps, forces childrens trust, RBL Somme Branch and La Boisselle study Group to name a few. Simon is delighted to be patron to the group. 


TASC is proud to become the leading UK Charity supporting the Ambulance Services community. The UK Ambulance Service receives over 10 million 999 calls a year and employs 70,000 people across the NHS and private sectors. Ambulance personnel are committed to saving lives and making a difference and their front line emergency services, patient transfer services, contact centres and other areas of their service makes an invaluable contribution to society. 


Woundcare4Heroes provides specialist wound care to help rebuild the lives of those injured in conflict.

We offer an outreach service that takes the care to the person, so that their home and family lives can continue with as little disruption as possible. It is a well proven fact that people recuperate and rehabilitate much better when they are at home surrounded by friends and family.

The LMS-Partriot Project is a chartiable company that was fomred to create a new "Patriot" class steam locomotive that will be named "The Unknown Warrior". Construction of the new steam locomotive began in 2009 and will completed in 2018 - in time to play a leading role in the 100th anniversary commemorations marking the end of the Great War. The Unkown Warrior has been endorse by the Royal British Legion as the new National Memorial Engine, replacing the previous memorial locomotives from the 1920s and 30s that were sadly scrapped. 


The Healing Foundation is a national fundraising charity championing the cause of people living with disfigurement and visible loss of function, by funding research into pioneering surgical and psychological healing techniques. Through research, we also raise awareness about the cause and provide information about the sources of support.


Simon is delighted to support the Enham Trust. A leading disability charity supporting people in their transition towards living lives of choice, control and independence. 


They work with people to provide personalised care, living, learning and working opportunities. 



Veteran Films is a not-for-profit social enterprise company aimed at helpiong Veterans leaving the service and those with mental or physical disabilities to re-train whilst heloing them shift focus away from their disability and giving them a creative outlet to tell their stories. They run residential long weekends and a masterclass covering all aspects of short films and digitial filmmaking from script to screen acorss multiple media platforms. All delivered by tutors, who all currently work in the film and TV Industry. 


Blonde Mcindoe

At the beginning of World War II, Archibald McIndoe was asked to set up a centre at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead to treat burned and injured Royal Air Force personnel. Throughout the war he worked tirelessly to pioneer the treatment of 649 severely burnt airmen, casualties from other services and many civilians.  The burned airmen later formed the now well-known Guinea Pig Club, so named because of the experimental nature of their surgery and treatment . McIndoe was also very concerned for his patients’ rehabilitation into normal life. As well as his pioneering surgical approaches, he instigated holistic approaches to patients’ psychological healing, which was truly ground-breaking at the time. In 1958, a facility was envisaged for surgical research at QVH serving a dual role in the fields of both fundamental and clinical research. 

The present day research activities at the Foundation have built upon this rich legacy by using state of the art, novel bioengineering and regenerative medicine techniques to identify ways to improve wound healing and repair tissue injuries caused by trauma, surgery or cancer.



Simon is non Executive Director of Anatech. They re a recruitment consultancy providing a 'bridging function' between HM Forces to Oil & Gas and other technical inustries. Click on the logo to connect to their website.

Allied Service Trust


Simon is Patron of Allied Services Trust.  As a registered charity (number 1148194) our vision and mission is to improve choice and understanding amongst the UK population to help them prepare for possible incapacity in the future. 


By educating people, making them aware of the need to prepare for incapacity, and providing accessible and affordable support to create and register legally binding documents, we empower individuals to take greater control over how their affairs will be managed in the event that they choose not to make decisions, or lose mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.


Preparation for incapacity supports our wellbeing, welfare and financial self-sustainability during times of vulnerability including physical disability, mental ill health and mental incapacity.


We have been granted permission by the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice to act, if required, as Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney or Court appointed Deputy in England and Wales.  Our services are delivered on a not for profit basis for those who do not meet our charitable criteria.


Simon is delighted to endorse the Firehammer. The Firehammer is an important as your smoke detector or fire alarm. Help protect your friends and family with the amazing lightweight tool that packs a massive punch. Dont get caught out by the devastating effects of a fire, relay on the Firehammer to break through single or double glazed windows with ease. 

Simon is also delighted to be associated with -


A wonderful charity that provides boat trips for people with disabilities

A charity that helps to supply Trade Aid Boxes. Each box provides a start up for countries recovering from disaster, or other adversity. Starter boxes are for Carpenters, Builders, Blacksmiths ec.

Simon is delighted to be a friend of the Jam Trust.


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